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Retiring Faculty 2010

Upon their retirement, the School of Veterinary Medicine thanks the following individuals for their contributions to veterinary education, research and public service:

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James T. Case
Dr. James Case earned his M.S. in Genetics from Stanford University in 1980; and followed that with a D.V.M. in 1984 and a Ph.D. in Comparative Pathology in 1988, both from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Case joined the faculty of the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System and the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology in 1986. During his 23- year career with CAHFS he provided valuable service developing veterinary informatics and its application to the diagnostic laboratory setting. He is considered an international expert in veterinary and public health informatics. Dr. Case played a major role in the pilot program in California of the combined National Animal Health Reporting System (NAHRS) national laboratory reporting system. He was instrumental in the design and development of the electronic data exchange processes for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network and now serves as the resident expert on the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine for the National Library of Medicine, providing terminology expertise for the U.S. move towards adoption of electronic medical records.


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Lynette B. Corbeil
Dr. Lynette Corbeil holds a D.V.M. (1962) and M.Sc. in Cytology & Immunology (1965) from Ontario Veterinary College, University of Toronto; and a Ph.D. in Immunology and Pathogenic Bacteriology from New York State Veterinary College, Cornell University (1974). She received NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships from Cornell and UC San Diego.  She is a Professor in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction and serves as Associate Dean for Southern California-Comparative Medicine and Co-Director of the University of California Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego. She also is a Professor of Pathology at UCSD. Professor Corbeil is an internationally renowned veterinary immunologist and microbiologist, with particular expertise in the immunology of sexually transmitted and respiratory diseases in livestock.  Dr. Corbeil has been a frequent mentor and collaborator for PHR and PMI faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. She has served as a member of graduate thesis committees for students in the UCD Graduate Group in Comparative Pathology.  Her students praise her as a community player with engaging presentation skills and humility.


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Sharon Hietala
Dr. Sharon Hietala holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Pathology from the University of California, Davis (1987).  She is a Professor of Clinical Diagnostic Immunology in the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology and served as Acting Associate Director for the California Animal and Food Safety Laboratory System. She is highly regarded as a cutting edge leader in the development and implementation of veterinary diagnostics, nationally and internationally.  She is particularly recognized for the development and application of antibody and nucleic acid based laboratory diagnostic tests. Her commitment to protection preparedness of California’s livestock and poultry industries through state-of-the art diagnostics was evident during the exotic Newcastle disease outbreak in California in the early 2000s. Dr. Hietala’s service has been far reaching beyond the university through committees for the United States Association for Animal Health (Infectious Diseases of Horses, Johne’s disease, Foreign and Emerging Diseases and Safeguarding Review Response Committees), the USDA (National Surveillance Unit Steering Committee, Brucellosis Technical Expert Working Group-diagnostics) . Dr. Hietala is the recipient of the 2009 E. P. Pope Memorial Award, presented by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in memory of Dr. Edward P. Pope. The Pope is the highest award given by the Association and is presented to an individual who has made noteworthy and significant contributions to the association in regard to implementing and advancing the recognition of the specialty of veterinary diagnostic laboratory medicine.


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Robert J. Higgins
Dr. Robert Higgins earned his B.V.Sc. from Queensland University School of Veterinary Medicine, Australia (1963); his M.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University (1977) and his Ph.D. in Comparative Pathology from Ohio State University (1980).  He served as a resident in pathology in the Animal Health Laboratory at the Department of Primary Industries, Perth, Western Australia and later received a NIH postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Pathobiology, The Ohio State University. Following his work with the Institue fur Vergleichende Neurolgie at the University of Bern, Switzerland, Dr. Higgins came to Davis where he joined the veterinary faculty in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology in 1982.  Dr. Higgins is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and is a member of the American Society of Human Neuropathologists.  He has a strong international reputation as one of the world’s foremost neuropathologists. His primary focus of research is neuropathology, principally in the dog, and he adds invaluable expertise to that of colleagues in the Paul & Borghild Petersen Brain Tumor Research Laboratory investigating the patholobiology of and developing therapies for brain tumors.