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2013 Farm Investigations Courses wrap up

September 2013

An update from the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security:

Leadership at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security are pleased to mark the end of the summer months with the completion of the 2013 Produce Farm Investigations Courses.  The final two courses of the year were held across the country from one another, one in Grand Rapids, MI, and the other in Visalia, CA.  Fifty-four FDA and contracted state employees from more than 20 states attended both courses.  David Goldenberg coordinated the field activities which included visits to blueberry, vegetable and sprout farms in Michigan, and tree nut orchards, an almond huller/sheller, a pistachio processor and a cantaloupe field in California.  In Michigan, course participants had the opportunity to visit Pearson Foods Corporation in Grand Rapids, MI, where they saw first-hand the production process of sprouts and cut vegetables.  In California, they visited a University of California field station in Lindcove, where they honed their sampling skills in water, soil, equipment surfaces, and produce to prepare for future investigation assignments.

David Goldenberg, Heather Johnson, Ronny Bond, Bennie Osburn and Missy Partyka were integral in planning the programs. David, Heather and Missy delivered presentations in Michigan. During the course in Visalia, presentations were delivered by FDA staff as well as Rob Atwill, Ronny Bond, Linda Harris, David Goldenberg, Maurice Pitesky and Missy Partyka. University of Florida collaborator Michelle Danyluk also participated.

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