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Our graduates enjoy an employment rate of 98 percent one year out from graduation.

May 2014

At the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, we strongly support our veterinary and graduate students as they prepare for critical roles in veterinary care, public health, emerging infectious diseases and food safety. The school has taken a number of steps to reduce education costs and assist our veterinary students in managing their finances, reducing student debt, and planning for their future economic viability.

UC Davis is committed to provide high quality veterinary educational programs at a reasonable cost.  We also strive to attract top candidates, promote demographic diversity and provide our students life-long learning strategies to promote a professional career full of opportunities. Efforts include:

Making Education Affordable - The school recently distributed 745 scholarship awards amounting to $2.3 million to DVM and graduate students--an increase of 35 awards and $300,000 from last year. Combined with the school's grant awards, these programs provided a total of $6.5 million to defray rising educational expense. More than 90 percent of our students receive scholarship, fellowship or grant funding, placing UC Davis in the top 10 of most affordable veterinary schools in terms of tuition and fees. View “Investing in the Future” video.

Stabilizing Tuition & Fees - We held the line on professional degree/course material fees to keep overall enrollment fees low. The average total net tuition and fees for a California resident student at the school are $30,812 annually and have remained the same for the past three years. UC Davis veterinary student debt at graduation averages $136,894, below the national average of $151,672 - due in part to the steps taken by the school to reduce fees and provide more scholarship support.

Providing Career Night - We partner with students to support many activities including the highly successful "Career Night Event," which brings in practitioners and industry representatives from throughout the west coast and affords students the chance to build relationships with practitioners and set up future externship, internship, and employment opportunities. Those networking events help ensure that the school's students enjoy an employment rate of 98 percent at one year out from graduation. Facebook album here.

Adding Support Services - The school provides student financial aid and scholarship counseling, access to mental health counseling, and access to a Director of Career and Professional Development. The director offers students help in choosing a career path, resume writing, job search strategies and interview techniques.

Increasing Support for Student Clubs - By scheduling Continuing Education events in conjunction with various student club activities, the school has helped increase participation and coordinates development activities to provide sponsorship. Clubs focus on areas such as equine, canine, avian, feline and shelter medicine. Faculty advisors mentor students in their outreach activities through these clubs to help them clarify career goals.