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Celeste Borelli Honored as Excellent Collaborator

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Celeste Borelli

Congratulations to Celeste Borelli, external relations manager at the School of Veterinary Medicine! She received the UC Davis Development Collaborator Award, one of five Excellence Awards presented by University Development. 

Celeste is recognized for her success in building strong connections and successful collaborations with staff, faculty and others across the campus on programs and projects.  Her efforts to represent the university and partner with campus colleagues to further develop programs at UC Davis were highly touted. Celeste’s excellent leadership and facilitation skills were acknowledged for both internal and external constituents. 

Her nominating team describes her as: “highly professional, an inspirational leader, a knowledgeable coach, able to address difficult situations and resolve conflicts with patience, leading by example, and bringing overwhelming success to anything she touches.”

Celeste is an excellent facilitator who is able to work under difficult, high-pressure situations and achieve successful results. The school’s Development Team puts on more than 30 donor events each year, which often require on-site changes and immediate solutions to challenging logistical, program or participant issues.  Celeste is able to quickly assess the needs and address the problem in a calm and efficient manner.  

She is also effective in the oversight of long-term projects.  For example, when a complex situation related to gift stewardship arose she confronted the problem, spearheaded the solution by collaborating with the other unit involved, laid out a process to address the issues, rallied the key staff participants, and oversaw the weekly progress for an extended period of months to achieve full resolution.  Her professional approach to these situations is appreciated by all parties.

Celeste also has a keen eye for identifying the unique talents of each team member and matching those talents with the various roles in the office.  Her style is to encourage staff development, provide guidance, training opportunities and tools to the team member, and then empower them to achieve success.  She’s open to their creativity and innovative ideas which encourages their initiative and ownership of the project.  She’s also very good at acknowledging their efforts after big events and recognizing individual achievements with “Spot awards.”

Celeste exemplifies excellence, particularly in her collaborative team approach to her duties and her team.  

“We are so proud of her,” Dean Michael Lairmore said. “She’s highly deserving of this recognition.”