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Cheryl Cobbs Honored as 2015 Development Employee of the Year

October 22, 2015

Cheryl Cobbs, senior director of development for the School of Veterinary Medicine was named the 2015 Employee of the Year by UC Davis Development and Alumni Relations. Cheryl is recognized for excellence in the areas of customer service, collaboration, initiative, proficiency and exceeding planned objectives. 

Cheryl maintains positive working relationships with all of her colleagues and contacts. Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, her motto is what is important to the donor is important to her. On more than one occasion, she could have taken a simpler route, but preferred to take the more personal approach to ensure the best experience possible for the donor.  

Cheryl is a great team player and collaborator, and when facing challenges, her general operating principle is “let’s make this work for both of us.” She routinely goes above and beyond, providing consistent high quality work and outstanding service. Before and after each event she rolls up her sleeves and does whatever needs to be done. Cheryl frequently volunteers for schoolwide events when assistance is needed such as commencement, a workshop or conference, or a staff appreciation event. Colleagues describe her as “the positive compass on our team.” 

Cheryl is an effective team leader and facilitator. She asks engaging, thought-provoking questions to help guide collaborators to a common goal. Her can-do attitude sets the example for others. She’s been a great help to the California Raptor Center volunteers, helping them standardize fundraising activities, communications, outreach, and coax eager volunteers towards a clear objective.  

Cheryl raised $13 million in combined gifts during 2014-15, exceeding her face-to-face goal by 114% and her dollars raised by 199%. Never complacent, Cheryl is committed to constant self-improvement.  Even with an MA degree in philanthropy,  20-years experience, and participation in numerous conferences and workshops, Cheryl sees herself as a “work in progress,” and eagerly seeks out articles or learning opportunities on topics such as leadership, time management, and philanthropy.