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Celebration of Success

November 23, 2016

Drs. Carrie Finno, Munashe Chigerwe and Terry Lehenbauer at the Celebration of Success

Drs. Carrie Finno, Munashe Chigerwe and Terry Lehenbauer at the Celebration of Success

At the annual Celebration of Success event held November 17th, the school’s leadership proudly recognized those faculty colleagues who achieved promotion or a high level of advancement during the 2015-16 year. More than 40 attended the event, taking a moment to share with colleagues their hard work and success.

“This celebration allows us to honor our faculty who have achieved the high standards associated with merits and promotions at our school,” said Michael Lairmore, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine.  “We come together to recognize their scholarship and contributions that make us a global leader in multiple fields related to veterinary medicine, scientific research, education, and service to our society.”

Faculty advance based upon the peer review of their professional responsibilities which include effective teaching, productive research, and service. The veterinary faculty are recognized for their innovative research accomplishments, many of which translate directly into new clinical treatments for the benefit of our animal patients. These faculty members are also eloquent teachers, committed to educating the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary scientists. Advancement in the University of California is based on a peer review system, which ensures broad and objective evaluation of professional activities worthy of distinction and merit.

“It is so important to pause and recognize the work they all do,” said Joie Watson, professor of equine medicine. “It personalizes their advancement, and allows us to thank them for their commitment to excellence.”