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New Director Joins UC Davis Center for Equine Health

November 26, 1997

Bennie I. Osburn, Dean of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gregory Ferraro, DVM, as the new director of the Center for Equine Health. "We welcome Dr. Ferraro and his demonstrated commitment to the California horse industry, including a wide variety of equine veterinary experience throughout the past 26 years," Osburn states.

Beginning January 1, Ferraro will promote the Center's multidisciplinary approach to equine research, industry service, and education for veterinarians and horse enthusiasts. "I intend to make the CEH a strong and active advocate for the best interests of the horse and broaden our relationships with horsemen throughout California and the U.S.," he says. Ferraro will administer the extensive research and funding process of the Center and manage a 60-acre campus facility that includes a 250-horse research herd. In addition, he will oversee a USDA-sanctioned quarantine program to monitor equine health, supervise an extensive breeding program, and act as liaison in collaboration with educational institutions, industry associations, and equine foundations statewide.

A graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Ferraro is currently a surgeon serving the nation's $25.3 billion equine industry. In addition to extensive thoroughbred race track experience and membership on numerous professional advisory boards, Ferraro has also taught at UC Davis as an associate clinical professor of surgery.