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Duffield Gift Leads School of Veterinary Medicine toward Better Pet Cancer Treatments

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has received $500,000 from the Duffield Family Foundation, a major supporter of companion animals, to help the school's Center for Companion Animal Health cure the cancers that plague our beloved animal companions.

The gift will support construction of a radiation oncology unit to be incorporated into the Center for Companion Animal Health, now engaged in an ambitious campaign to create new clinics and laboratories to better treat diseases afflicting dogs, cats and other pets. The radiation unit will be a strategic component of a new cancer treatment and clinical research facility within the center.

Companion animal lover and PeopleSoft entrepreneur David Duffield guides the Duffield Family Foundation, a leading San Francisco Bay Area supporter of humane societies and animal shelters. The foundation also provided funds to build Maddie's Pet Adoption Center, named in memory of the Duffields’ loyal canine companion, at the San Francisco SPCA.

The School of Veterinary Medicine gift brings the Center for Companion Animal Health project near the halfway point in a $6.5 million fund raising effort which school officials anticipate concluding within the next year. Other leadership donors include the Paul and Borghild Petersen Foundation, the estates of Elmo Pecetti and Eugenie Omberg, and veterinary faculty members Niels Pedersen and Gordon Theilen.