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California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System

Reflecting the expanded role of veterinary diagnostic services in protecting California's food supply, the California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System has changed its name to the California Animal Health And Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS). The name change became effective January 24, 2000.

In cooperation with the CA Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), the Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory helps protect humans, livestock, and poultry from animal diseases. Because some animal diseases can spread quickly in large production settings, rapid and reliable diagnosis forms a critical safeguard to animal and human health. The right diagnosis leads to timely treatment and new prevention strategies.

The system operates five laboratories in Davis (at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine), Turlock, Fresno, Tulare and San Bernardino and offers the following services:

  • Rapid, reliable diagnosis of livestock and poultry diseases
  • Enhancement of health management for livestock and poultry
  • Prevention and control of diseases common to animals and humans
  • Protection of equine health and performance
  • Monitoring of certain wildlife diseases

In the laboratories, faculty members based within the School of Veterinary Medicine teach specialized medical skills in pathology, toxicology, virology and other disciplines.

Veterinary faculty also share new knowledge and trends in animal health, welfare and productivity as well as food safety, especially information about on-farm food safety issues.

California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System
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