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UC Davis Veterinarian Receives Award From Dairy Quality Assurance Center and Merial

October 20, 2004

Fort Worth, Texas, October 18, 2004 

Jim Reynolds, DVM, of the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, was named the 2004 Dairy Quality Assurance Veterinarian of the Year at the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) annual meeting held September 22-25, 2004 in Fort Worth, Texas.

PhotoMerial and the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance (DQA) Center, Inc., Stratford, Iowa, sponsored this annual award, which recognizes veterinarians that work with cattle producers to implement quality management practices. Reynolds received the honor for his leadership on animal welfare issues within the dairy industry.

"It's extremely important for veterinarians to be involved with the welfare and care of producers' cattle," said Reynolds. "Consumers look to veterinarians to make sure animals are properly cared for. In turn, producers look to their veterinarian for guidance and sound advice."

Reynolds is a graduate of UC Davis (DVM-1982, MPVM-1984). After several years of working in private practice and state agencies, he returned to UC Davis in 1998 and currently serves as the Chief of Dairy Production Medicine Clinical Veterinary Services.

Nationally recognized as an expert in animal welfare, Reynolds is the Chair of the AABP Animal Welfare Committee and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Committee. Reynolds travels throughout the United States, educating cattle producers on animal welfare topics. Internationally, he has participated in USDA-sponsored educational outreaches to countries in the former USSR.

According to Reynolds, the DQA Center has been a leader in the movement towards continued improvement of cattle management and handling practices. "The DQA Center was one of the first organizations in the early 1990s to develop a comprehensive cattle welfare program," said Reynolds. "Their example has been used as a benchmark in the development of most similar programs to date."

The DQA Center assists veterinarians like Reynolds in helping beef and dairy producers improve quality and provide documented procedures for their product.

"We provide programs designed to enhance the production of dairy products," said Keith Carlson, executive director, DQA Center. "These programs are certified at the production site by a veterinarian or dairy consultant of the producer's choice. Participation in our program helps producers achieve a higher level of excellence, while simultaneously reducing costs and improving the bottom line."

Along with receiving the Dairy Quality Assurance Veterinarian of the Year Award, Reynolds received a cash stipend for his attendance at AABP. Reynolds will donate this to the residency program at the UC Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center.

"Merial is proud to sponsor this prestigious award as part of our continued commitment to supporting the DQA Center and leaders within its DQA program," said Todd Prescott, associate marketing director, Merial. "Dr. Reynolds' commitment to animal welfare, within the cattle industry, shows his dedication to improving the quality of products produced."

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Dairy Quality Assurance resources are available from participating veterinarians, co-ops and milk buyers. Materials and guidelines are available for the 2005 Quality Veterinarian of the Year Award by calling the DQA Center at (800) 55-DAIRY.

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