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September 28, 2005

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to announce that Sue Solomon has received the 2005 El Blanco Award. The El Blanco Award recognizes individuals whose contributions have led directly to important advances in animal health and well-being.

Solomon accepted the award September 18, 2005 during the school's Fall Symposium on Recent Advances in Clinical Veterinary Medicine.

Solomon, professor emeritus in the Department of Management Information Science at California State University, Sacramento, and a long-time client, has been involved for many years in rescuing reptiles in Northern California through the Northern California Herpetological Society. Over the years, Solomon has brought many personal pets and foster animals to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for care, and her thoughtful questions and collaboration continue to provide faculty and students with valuable insights and training opportunities related to the distinctive health care needs and handling of these animals. 

Solomon has also supported clinical research into reptilian disease and treatments, including safe methods of anesthetizing animals for treatment. In Summer 2005, she and the Northern California Herpetological Society arranged to bring 12 live snakes to the school, where veterinary ophthalmologists performed the first high-frequency ultrasound studies of snake eyes, producing what may be the first detailed baseline information about the structure of healthy snake eyes. (See related story)

The award is named for the cat, El Blanco, whose owner contributed to the understanding that the amino acid taurine is a vital nutrient in the feline diet. Recipients are honored with a personal plaque and an inscription on a perpetual plaque displayed at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Solomon is also a member of the Dean's Advisory Council, a group of professionals and lay people who provide advice and advocacy on strategic issues at the School of Veterinary Medicine. 

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