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Avian Influenza: What's Happening at the University of California

January 13, 2006

AvianSeveral updates have been produced about the status of avian influenza virus as scientists and educators contribute to the effort of preventing and/or preparing for the arrival of the virus in the United States. The University of California now offers an interactive Web site describing current resources and research about avian influenza on many UC campuses. UC Davis has produced a news video about the School of Veterinary Medicine's Wildlife Health Center program to screen wild birds for the virus as part of a federal surveillance effort . 

Learn more with a virtual visit to the Web resources below:

*Visit the Web site, UC in Focus: Avian Influenza 

*Download or print a PDF handout containing an experts list and a description of UC contributions to understanding and containing avian flu (Adobe Acrobat required)

*Link to a UC Davis NewsWatch video that shows School of Veterinary Medicine scientists from the Wildlife Health Center working with hunters to screen wild birds for avian influenza virus (RealPlayer required)

*Read the September 2005 Avian Influenza Report from UC Davis and the School of Veterinary Medicine

*Visit UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension for information about avian influenza and prevention tips in English and Spanish