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UC Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego: New Digs for Specialized Services

January 17, 2006

The UC Veterinary Medical Center – San Diego, which established the first life-saving kidney dialysis service for dogs and cats in Southern California, has moved to a new location.

The center's clinical program now shares a home base with the Veterinary Specialty Hospital, 10435 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121. 

Veterinary Specialty Hospital offers an array of specialty services and emergency care for the region. Its staff had outgrown its previous building. The new facility has 26,000 square feet of clinical and laboratory space. The UCVMC - San Diego move takes advantage of a convenient location near two freeways, excellent facilities, and the complementary services provided by both parties.

UCThe first kidney hemodialysis service for dogs and cats in Southern California opened at the UC Veterinary Medical Center – San Diego in 2002. The availability in Southern California of kidney hemodialysis, a treatment for antifreeze poisoning of dogs and cats, can save pets' lives when time is of the essence as well as when long-term therapy for renal disease is recommended.

In addition to the Hemodialysis Service, the center also offers a Behavior Service that began in 1999. Both specialties complement the multi-specialty services offered by the Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and UC San Diego established the UC Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego in 1998 as a joint venture. The program enables faculty members from the two institutions to collaborate in teaching and research activities, offer emerging specialty services in Southern California and develop service or research projects with regional wildlife institutes. Larry Cowgill directs the center.

Affiliated faculty members also collaborate with UC San Diego faculty on animal-related health research and training programs. Veterinary faculty share expertise and benefit from the proximity of San Diego area wildlife organizations to enrich the school's teaching, research and service programs. For example, two UC Davis veterinary residents specializing in zoo and exotic species are currently being trained at the San Diego Zoo; and Sea World of San Diego operates a marine animal rescue facility as a participant in California's Oiled Wildlife Care Network based at the School of Veterinary Medicine. 

For more information, or to make appointments with the Hemodialysis or Behavior Service at the UC Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego, veterinarians and members of the public can call (858) 875-7505.

Behavior brochure: San Diego Clinic