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Washington State Honors Dr. Steve Haskins with Distinguished Veterinary Alumnus Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research

April 18, 2006

The singular contribution of Dr. Steve Haskins, a 1969 DVM graduate of Washington State University, has been his unwavering commitment to development of critical patient care as a specialty within veterinary medicine in which he is considered by many to be "an absolute pioneer and world authority."

Dr. Haskins was a catalyst in forming the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society and the American College of Veterinary Emergency Critical Care. He established one of the first residency programs in small animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. In his more than 60 published research works in anesthesia and critical care, and an equal number of book chapters and teaching publications, he has had a strong impact in the creation of new scientific knowledge in the field as well as with the evolution of the art and science of intensive care for animal patients.

His students and residents speak of him fondly as a gifted and dedicated teacher who holds the rare honor of receiving the Carl J. Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award from two universities (U of Minnesota, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine). He has also received the ACVECC Scientific Achievement Award, the VECCS Distinguished Service Award, and the AMC Distinguished Alumni award.

Among the comments written in support of Dr. Haskins, one in particular stands out: "There are fewer than a handful of individuals in the world who can match Dr. Haskins from the perspective of world renown, scholarly activity, and teaching skills."

This announcement was originally distributed by Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.