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Lost In The Fog loses battle with lymphoma

September 18, 2006

September 18, 2006

The veterinarians and staff at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital were greatly saddened to learn that Lost In The Fog had lost his battle with lymphoma and was euthanized at Golden Gate Fields on Sunday, September 17.

Dr. Gary Magdesian is the specialist in equine internal medicine and critical patient care who had directed Lost In The Fog's diagnostic evaluation and treatment since he was first examined at the teaching hospital on August 11. Dr. Magdesian was in daily telephone communication with Dr. Don Smith, Lost In The Fog's regular veterinarian, since the horse completed the first (and ultimately only) round of chemotherapy at the VMTH on September 7 and returned to Golden Gate Fields under the care of Mr. Greg Gilchrist, his trainer.

Lost In The Fog tolerated the first chemotherapy treatment very well and had been comfortable and in good spirits until late last week. At that time, he began to develop mild swelling in his hind legs and scrotum and to show signs of mild abdominal discomfort (colic). As had been the case during Lost In The Fog's previous episodes of mild colic, he initially responded well to symptomatic treatment with analgesics and remained bright and comfortable until Sunday afternoon, when he became distressed and more uncomfortable.

Prior to instituting chemotherapy, all involved in decisions regarding Lost In The Fog's care, including Mr. Aleo, Mr. Gilchrist, and Doctors Smith, Magdesian, [Alain] Theon, [Larry] Galuppo, and [David] Wilson, agreed that if the point was reached that it was no longer possible to provide Lost In The Fog with an acceptable level of comfort and quality of life while continuing chemotherapy aimed at inducing remission of the tumors, humane euthanasia would be the most appropriate course of action. That point was reached on Sunday afternoon.

Lost In The Fog showed the same incredible toughness and determination in his battle with cancer that he showed during his illustrious racing career. He was a wonderful patient and true gentleman to the end. He will be greatly missed by his many fans around the world, including those who cared for him during his final weeks.

--W. David Wilson, Director, Large Animal Clinical Services, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital


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