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VERT Acts after Wildfires Strike Sheep Ranch

October 31, 2006

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The Veterinary Emergency Response Team--VERT--sent dozens of volunteers to rural Yolo County to aid ranchers and animals threatened by wildfires that struck in the early morning hours of September 22.

The team first assisted with the evacuation of horses at a local breeding/boarding facility. Dr. John Madigan and his crew then learned that hundreds of sheep had been burned in grass fires sweeping through nearby pastures. For many days, students, staff and faculty treated animals and euthanized suffering sheep that could not be saved.

Dr. Madigan created this slide show to accompany a talk October 3 that he gave to School of Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff and students. Since that time, VERT volunteers continued to treat and monitor the burned sheep, sponsored a fund-raising effort for the ranchers who lost their stock, and followed their cases through the births of several lambs whose mothers had survived the fires.

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