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Students Showcase Vet Med on Picnic Day   

March 25, 2007

The faculty, staff and students of the School of Veterinary Medicine welcome you to Picnic Day, the nation's largest university "open house" event. The all-day event takes place rain or shine on Saturday, April 14 at UC Davis.

School of Veterinary Medicine clubs and classes will showcase a wild array of animal-related events for the entire family at various locations and times on campus.

Most events are free.

The Picnic Day Parade Saturday morning features a colorful float created by the enthusiastic DVM Class of 2010. 9 a.m. Location: Follow your ears as the Aggie Band-uh leads the parade on a route through campus and downtown Davis.

Doxie DerbyThe Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital will host open house tours to show the many aspects of veterinary medicine, public health, and the roles of animals and veterinarians in our society. Exhibits will include hatching baby chicks and other animals to view, a large animal rescue display, and a horse running full speed on a treadmill. Our students learn essential clinical skills in this setting, and the nation's largest veterinary specialty residency program is based here.  11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Location: VMTH, Health Sciences Complex, west of LaRue Road and south of Hutchison Drive. Parking: Lots 50, 51, 55.   

The Class of 2009 presents the School of Veterinary Medicine Doxie Derby, a hilarious race of standard and miniature dachschunds. People come year after year to see their favorite dogs compete. Or not. 1 p.m. Location: Activities & Recreation Center "ARC" Pavilion, LaRue Road. Parking: Lot 25. Note: Attendance is free; competitors register dogs in advance.

The Fish and Invertebrate Species Health, or FISH club, will be handing out informational cards on fish species and healthful types of fish to eat. All day. Location: Surge III (Outside), Hutchison Drive at Bioletti Way. Parking: West EntryParking Structure, Hutchison at Klieber Drive, or Lots 40 or 41.

At the same location, the Wildlife and
Aquatic Animal Medicine club will be inviting local wildlife rehabilitation
groups in with some of their resident birds to talk about bird rescue. Veterinary students will be on hand to answer questions. Visitors will also learn how volunteers clean and care for birds involved in oil spills in a simulated oil spill cleanup with rubber ducks to wash and specimens to touch. All day. Location: Surge III (Inside),  Hutchison Drive at Bioletti Way. Parking: West Entry Parking Structure, Hutchison at Klieber Drive, or Lots 40 or 41. Link: Veterinarians of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network provide veterinary care for animals injured in oil spills throughout California.

Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine Club Visitors can view and touch multiple bird species and other exotic pets. Veterinary students will answer questions about the animals. All day. Location: Surge III, Hutchison Drive at Bioletti Way. Parking: West Entry Parking Structure, Hutchison at Klieber Drive, or Lots 40 or 41    

Dog Breed Showcase The Canine Medicine Club offers a wonderful (and fun) opportunity for rare and unusual dogs, as well as more popular breeds, to be exhibited to more than 70,000 people, many of whom have never been to a dog show. During two parades, spectators see different breeds in the spotlight and learn about the particular breed’s history, temperament, and medical problems. This event is free, though selection of participants is on a "first come, first served" basis. Time TBA. Location: Dutton Hall Field, "A" Street. Parking: North Entry Parking Structure, Lot 5.  

Feline Breed Showcase The Feline Medicine Club exhibits cats from local rescue groups that are in need of homes. Students provide details about purebred and mixed-breed cats. Students also present facts about pet overpopulation, a serious animal welfare problem, and provide contacts with feline rescue organizations. [Time, location, parking] 

The Canine Medicine Club also presents the Frisbee Dog Contest. Each dog will have one minute to get in as many throws as possible. There will be prizes for the top three dogs, so get ready to watch them jump it out to be top dog! This event is free, but space is limited. Participants are selected in advance, and the contest usually fills up months in advance. Time TBA. Location: Recreation field near corner of Dairy Road and Hutchison Drive. Parking: West Entry Parking Structure, Hutchison at Klieber Drive.


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