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Summer Programs Mentor Pre-veterinary Students and Promote Diversity in the Profession

June 28, 2007

June 28, 2007--As society addresses emerging disease problems and seeks answers to questions about complex health challenges, the need for qualified veterinarians and highly trained biomedical scientists continues to rise. To enhance the pool of talented veterinary applicants, increase diversity in the profession, and encourage students from a variety of backgrounds to pursue advanced training in veterinary medicine and science, the school offers summer programs for undergraduates.

The Summer Enrichment Program

LeslieParticipants in the Summer Enrichment Program find a range of activities to strengthen their applications in the highly competitive process of applying to veterinary school. Each participant has overcome some challenge on the path to higher education. This obstacle may be an educational or cultural disadvantage, financial hardship, a language barrier or a physical disability.

The five-week intensive summer program, beginning July 9, includes the opportunity to see how veterinary specialists diagnose and treat their patients. Participants gain experience at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in services such as equine medicine, radiology, dentistry, dermatology, exotics, food animal, behavior, cardiology or other specialties.

Yasmin Williams, director of admissions, states, "Summer Enrichment students see a variety of animals both large and small in clinics. They observe the range of a veterinarian's duties in a hospital setting and gain veterinary-related experience required for entry into the DVM program. They learn basic concepts of diagnosis and present case material from the teaching hospital—just as they would in veterinary school."

Veterinary student mentors work with participants to prepare for the GRE and enhance study skills. Guest presentations inform SEP students about the breadth of veterinary career opportunities. Janet Lee, a member of the DVM Class of 2008, is the veterinary student coordinator.

The Summer Enrichment Program began in 1987 to give prospective veterinary students a rare opportunity to experience the life of a veterinary student and provide them with tools to become more competitive applicants. This year's program runs July 6 through August 10. Students attend free of charge and receive a $500 stipend to defray their expenses while they attend.

The following students have been selected to participate in the 2007 Summer Enrichment Program:

   Gilbert Acosta, Emory University
   Cho Cha, Cal Poly Pomona
   Nancy Fernandez, Cal Poly Pomona
   Nicolas Floresta, UC San Diego
   Thuy-Vi Thanh Nguyen, UC Santa Cruz
   Leticia Isabel Gonzales, Pierce College
   Melea Hunrath, UC Davis
   Danetra Ledesma, UC Davis
   Lily Prado, Cal Poly Pomona
   Jessie Sun, Cal Tech

The CAMP USTAR Program 

RyanCAMP USTAR stands for the California Alliance for Minority Participation for Undergraduate Students Training in Advanced Research. 

This mentoring program, supported by the National Science Foundation, is a University of California initiative to diversify the student population, increase the number of B.S. degrees granted to under-represented minority students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and prepare students competitively for graduate school.

For undergraduates, the program provides an ideal opportunity to apply their classroom studies by working on real
research projects. Participants also learn practical laboratory skills. The students network with other student-scientists and graduate-level investigators. The students also receive tips on taking the next steps toward graduate-level science degrees as well as professional degrees such as the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. (Read about the Veterinary Scientist Training Program, a fellowship for veterinary students pursuing DVM/PhD degrees and careers in university research.) 

From June 16 to August 12, 2007, the School of Veterinary Medicine hosts four pre-veterinary/pre-PhD students in the 8-week residential program. Students receive a $3500 scholarship and housing for the session. Activities in the pilot program, now in its second year, include program orientation, faculty mentoring, research experience and laboratory technique training, scientific poster presentations, admissions workshops, and tours behind the scenes of the veterinary school.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine proudly hosts the following CAMP USTAR students and notes their mentors:

   Sulema Barron, UC Berkeley: Department of Molecular Biosciences/Dr. Cecilia Giulivi
   Monica Arango, UC Berkeley: California National Primate Research Center/Dr. Lisa Miller
   Jessica Berry, CSU San Marcos: California National Primate Research Center/Dr. Christopher Miller
   Natalie Pryor, UC Davis: Dairy Food Safety Laboratory/Dr. James Cullor

For SEP and CAMP USTAR information, please contact Yasmin Williams, director of admissions, (530) 752-1383.

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