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Mabie Foundation Pledges $3 million to Support Center for Equine Health

May 10, 2010

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May 6, 2010

The William and Inez Mabie Family Foundation has pledged $3 million to support the Center for Equine Health to continue its operational, educational and research efforts to benefit horses. The Mabie Endowment will ensure the permanence of the Center for Equine Health and allow it to continue its research and educational programs in equine medical science.The center is part of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.


The endowment comes in the form of a challenge grant whereby an additional $1.8 million must be raised within six years to create a matching endowed directorship position. The requested “Directors Endowment” is a call to the equine industry from the Mabie Foundation to provide the necessary funding to recruit exemplary future leaders of the center.

“The Mabie Endowment is an invaluable gift to the School of Veterinary Medicine,” stated Dr. Gregory Ferraro, DVM, the center's director. "It will allow the center and our equine faculty to improve the health, performance and welfare of horses in perpetuity. This gift, combined with the fulfillment of the proposed Directorship Endowment, will position UC Davis permanently as an international leader in equine medical research and education. The vision and leadership provided by the Mabie Foundation on behalf of the horse are to be commended. I can’t thank them enough.”

Persons or organizations interested in meeting the Mabie Foundation’s challenge by contributing to the Center for Equine Health “Directorship Endowment” campaign should contact Dr. Gregory L. Ferraro.


The Mabie Family Foundation provides philanthropic support to worthy causes, principally in the areas of education and medicine. The Foundation was founded by William and Inez Mabie during their lifetimes to facilitate their charitable giving. William and Inez Mabie were engaged in substantial ranching, farming, and real estate ventures, principally in the Northern California counties of Santa Clara and San Benito.


The Center for Equine Health is dedicated to advancing the health, well-being, performance and veterinary care of horses through research, education and public service. To accomplish its mission, the center provides academic leadership and serves as the organizational umbrella under which much of the school's equine research is funded and conducted.

Gregory Ferraro, director, Center for Equine Health,, (530)752-6433