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Feral Cat Recovers after Remarkable Injury

June 21, 2010

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June 21, 2010

A bizarre case of animal cruelty appears to have ended well for a stray cat brought by a good Samaritan to the teaching hospital June 17 with two arrows embedded in its body.

(See initial report from KCRA 3 Sacramento June 18, )

(Follow-up interviews with Karl Jandrey and Guillaume Hoareau June 19,

The veterinary medical team included emergency medicine specialists Karl Jandrey and Steven Epstein, working with resident Guillaume Hoareau and technicians in the Emergency and Intensive Care units before and after the animal's surgery Friday night.

James Kim, a resident in small animal surgery, performed the surgical procedures. Kim removed an arrow that had narrowly missed vital organs of the chest and abdomen, and removed some bones in the arrow's path. Kim also amputated one of the cat's toes that had been shattered by the second arrow in the paw.

Jandrey said Saturday night, "She's doing great. She's already eating and recovering much faster than expected."

The cat was expected to be released Monday, June 21.

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