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TV Interview FeaturesRaptor Center's Efforts to Save Birds, Serve the Community and Teach Environmental Health

July 28, 2010

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The California Raptor Center at the School of Veterinary Medicine is an educational and research facility that  rehabilitates injured and orphaned birds of prey.

We take in more than 200 sick, injured, and orphaned raptors each year, successfully returning about 60% to the wild. We also provide hands-on training in the care and management of birds of prey to those interested in rehabilitation, and offer educational programs to schools, ecological and environmental organizations, and the university community.

Davis Community TV spotlights the benefits of the California Raptor Center to the community and the environment  during a half-hour television program called "In the Studio" on Davis, California's public access media.

The show will air August 4, 9 pm; Aug 8, 7 pm; and Aug 10, 7 pm with Dr. Bill Ferrier, head of the CRC, Christine Adams, a long-time volunteer, and "Grasshopper," a Swainson's hawk that lives at the center.

Watch Ch 15 in Davis or catch the program online at

A museum and permanent collection of living, nonreleasable raptors are open to public view on weekdays and Saturdays, and regularly scheduled open house events inform the public about the valuable role of  birds of prey in the environment. Groups may arrange for special presentations during the school year or tours by appointment. Rescued birds are treated at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, where students and specialty residents receive training in the handling and veterinary care of such birds.

For details on the Calfornia Raptor Center's mission, programs, volunteer sign-ups and donation opportunities, please visit the center's website,