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iPhone App for Veterinary Calculations Developed by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

October 8, 2010

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July 28, 2010*

Veterinary students, practitioners and technicians can find information as close as an iPhone to help them with calculations and interpretations related to veterinary medicine.
VetPDA Calcs, developed by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, contains 18 useful calculators for veterinary clinical use.    

"Initially designed to make life easier for veterinary students during their clinical training, this app is useful for all veterinary professionals," states veterinarian Jan Ilkiw, Associate Dean. "For example, the app can calculate recommended dosages for over 40 anesthetic drugs, analyze blood gas values to aid interpretation, and assist with constant rate infusion calculations for drug administration."

Other functions include body surface area, drip rate, and conversion calculators.

The $4.99 cost includes free updates to the app, which works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. VetPDA Calcs is available online from the iTunes App Store.


*October 7

The school has released an update to the calculators that adds to the application. There are now 20 calculators.


Anesthesia Drug Calculator--Improved with a more efficient interface and additional drugs

Dosing Calculator --Determine the calculated dose using weight, dose, and concentration

Energy Requirements Calculator--Using data from 2006 NRC guide, determine energy requirements at various life stages and health statuses for dogs and cats

Transfusion Calculator--Given a current and desired  packed cell volume, PCV, determine the necessary volume of donor blood product



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