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Good Tidings: 2011 Commencement

What's New ImageJune 10, 2011

Bennie Osburn, dean, conferred the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree upon 124 students at the School of Veterinary Medicine commencement June 10, 2011.

At the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, school faculty and university officials honored 16 Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree candidates, awarded 10 Bachelor of Science degrees and recognized 41 veterinarians who have completed advanced training in the hospital residency program. 

Theresa Keating received the School of Veterinary Medicine Medal for demonstrating the highest level of academic achievement and clinical performance throughout veterinary school. 

(Meet the Class of 2011)

Wise words

Student speakers Mai Yee Mok and Jenna Fransioli shared reminiscences and reflections with their classmates about the milestone they shared. They offered "verbal life rafts" of advice to maintain a daily awareness of the ordinary joys of life and suggested the wisdom of using the knowledge and life skills of a veterinary education to "be your own inspiration."

The faculty speaker selected by the students was veterinary ophthalmologist David Maggs. He shared some thoughts from his own former classmates, who credited their successes to lifelong curiosity, diverse opportunities and the rewards of having rapport with clients. He bid the students, "Good tidings and safe passage on your way to the most wonderful career in the world."

Next steps

DVM graduates may enter practice directly, and members of the class of 2011 have been hired as associates in equine practices, small animal hospitals, large animal practices and mixed animal clinics, primarily in California.

More than one-third of the class will enhance their clinical skills at internships in private or university veterinary hospitals around the country. Four of the new veterinarians report that they will move directly into pathology or lab animal residencies in California, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

One graduate, Robert Valentine, will serve as an officer in the Army Veterinary Corps.

Two students from the Veterinary Scientist Training Program completed their DVM degrees this year. Bethany Cummings had also earned a PhD in 2009 in molecular and cellular integrative physiology under the guidance of Peter Havel; she now works as a project scientist in his lab. Kristin Grimsrud now turns from her DVM studies to complete doctoral research in pharmacology with mentor Scott Stanley. Another research-oriented graduate, Aimee Reed, will work at the National Institutes of Health as a postdoctoral trainee in disease modeling while pursuing a PhD in infectious diseases of fishes at Oregon State University.


The school community recognized five Alumni Achievement Award recipients (see related story). Each recipient expressed gratitude for their education and encouraged the new graduates to seize the unusual opportunities available to veterinarians. The faculty also said farewell to retiring faculty members Ronald Hedrick, Thomas North and Bennie Osburn (see related story).

Dean Henricks, president of the California Veterinary Medical Association, concluded the ceremony with a recitation of the Veterinarian's Oath.

About the school

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is the only school in the University of California system authorized to confer the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. The DVM program is a four-year course of academic study and clinical training. Students spend the majority of their final year in the services of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center. Faculty specialists treat more than 35,000 animals each year, teach essential clinical skills to veterinary students and train veterinarians in what is believed to be the largest veterinary residency program in the United States. 

The school also offers the Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree program as well as other master's and doctoral programs in disciplines related to veterinary medicine and science.

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