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New Leadership at Large Animal Clinic

July 8, 2011

What's New ImageJuly 8, 2011

Gregory L. Ferraro, DVM, has been appointed associate director of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, effective July 1. He oversees the Large Animal Clinic.

Ferraro succeeds John Madigan, who steps back into his teaching, research and service activities in equine medicine and his duties as director of the International Animal Welfare and Training Institute.

The associate director oversees emergency, inpatient and on-farm veterinary services for horses, food animals, camelids and backyard livestock.

He directs the hospital’s training program for veterinary students to develop clinical skills in equine and livestock surgery, medicine, reproduction, intensive care and other areas. Ferraro also supervises the residency program for veterinarians seeking to specialize in large animal or equine medicine.

This appointment adds a new dimension to Ferraro's role in the School of Veterinary Medicine. 

An adjunct clinical professor of equine surgery, Ferraro has served as director of the Center for Equine Health since 1998, a position that he will maintain as he assumes his new duties. The center raises private funding to support studies of equine diseases and injuries. Ferraro develops new funding sources and administers the scientific program of research studies designed to benefit the horse.

Ferraro is a 1971 alumnus of the School of Veterinary Medicine. He brings many years of successful private practice, business acumen, university service and leadership experience to his new position.

An equine surgeon and Thoroughbred racehorse specialist at Southern California racetracks for more than 25 years, Ferraro was among the first to adapt the techniques of human arthroscopic surgery for the benefit of horses. He is also associated with the development of the specialized Kimsey splint and was instrumental in establishing ambulances on racetracks to bring immediate veterinary care to racehorses.

More recently, Ferraro has raised awareness of the Center for Equine Health as a leading resource on equine health and welfare, and he has helped initiate one of the first regenerative medicine laboratories and research programs in the nation. 

Ferraro has served in leadership positions at a number of organizations, including the  Equine Advisory Task Force, California Department of Food & Agriculture; the California Thoroughbred Foundation; the California State Veterinary Medical Board; the Horse Racing Board Medication Committee; the Southern California Equine Foundation; the International Animal Welfare Training Institute; and the Dolly Green Research Foundation.

"I look forward to enhancing the linkages between hospital services and CEH research initiatives," Ferraro says, "so that we can create greater opportunities for research, clinical studies, and other new knowledge and translate them quickly to clinical use."