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Welcome to the Class of 2015

August 30, 2011

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The white coat and the recitation of the Veterinarian's Oath mark a veterinary student's entry into the profession.

August 30, 2011

The faculty, staff and students of the School of Veterinary Medicine welcome 136 DVM students, 110 women and 26 men, into the class of 2015.

The first-year class began with orientation in mid-August and the annual White Coat Ceremony August 19. Classes started August 22. Returning students go back into the classroom September 6.

The majority of the new class members majored in the biological sciences, although significant numbers of students studied other sciences or the humanities. Most students come from the University of California, California state universities or other California colleges; however, 36 students did the majority of their undergraduate work at out-of-state schools.

Two incoming students possess doctoral degrees; 10 have master's degrees.

The average age of students is 24, and ages range from 20 to 43. 

The mean number of veterinary-related experience hours at application totals 3,025.

For his service on the admissions committee, the school thanks Mike Karle (DVM 19xx) of Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital in Orland. A large animal veterinarian, Karle contributed the valued perspective of the practitioner to application review and candidate interviews. “I am really pleased with the composition of the new class,” Karle says. “It was an eye-opening experience to see the caliber of students applying for admission to the veterinary school. Some of these students have had incredible life experiences and others have managed to maintain excellent academics while participating in amazing veterinary and animal experiences. I was also impressed with the maturity and poise of the students in the interviews.”For their assistance on the admissions advisory committee, a group that helps identify applicants of special interest and circumstances, school officials thank the following practitioners:

  • Bill Plummer
  • Chris Rodi
  • Genever Fox
  • Jen Powers
  • John Kaufman
  • Karen Whala
  • Kelly Byam
  • Lara Nicolayevsky Zekaria
  • Sallie Phillips
  • Tom Hansen

The students of the Class of 2015 are the first to begin studies with a new curriculum developed by the faculty over several years. The student-centered approach incorporates problem solving, critical thinking, independent and group study, adult learning approaches and life-long learning skills. Case-based learning is also one hallmark of the new curriculum.

First-year students will gain clinical experience right away, working with senior students during regularly scheduled hospital rotations. With each rotation, students will learn how their basic knowledge forms the foundation to clinical veterinary medicine.

The course work is organized by body system and presented in integrated “blocks” of related material on a semester schedule.