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New Clinical Trials for Cancer Surgery

November 4, 2011

November 7, 2011

Michele Steffey, DVM, DACVS, invites referring veterinarians and owners of pets with cancer to consider joining one of several new clinical trials. 

Because the trials are highly specialized, it is important to discuss enrollment with Dr. Steffey and with one's own veterinarian to assure that the procedures are appropriate for the animal and that the costs for care are well understood.

Of Great Value

The voluntary participation of pet owners in clinical research studies is of great value to veterinary researchers as they develop new treatments, and some procedures may benefit the individual animals that are enrolled.

To discuss case selection, procedure risks, and exact costs on a case-by-case basis, please contact Dr. Michele Steffey,  (530) 752-1393.

The following new clinical trials are now open:     

Cryoablation of Cancer: This is palliative option for inoperable deep tissue tumors (bone or soft tissue) but not superficial skin masses. Partial financial subsidy of procedure available.  

Distal Radius Bone Tumor: The objective of this study is to understand the risks of pathologic fracture in bone tumor patients. Dogs with an aggressive bony lesion of the distal radius suspected to be a primary bone tumor are eligible to participate. Dogs that have had a bone biopsy (aspirates OK) within 3 weeks cannot be enrolled.  Dogs with an existing pathologic fracture cannot be enrolled. Dogs will receive a (free) CT of the limb under general anesthesia and otherwise clinical care will be as normal. After removal the limb will undergo biomechanical testing and then be submitted for histopathology.  Clients receive a $1,000 financial incentive toward cost of amputation. 

Nasal Carcinoma: The objective of this study is to measure the extent and duration of response to a new, minimally invasive treatment of nasal cancer that delivers chemotherapy directly to the tumor. Radiation therapy is still considered standard of care, but dogs whose owners do not wish to pursue radiation therapy may be enrolled. However clients MUST be willing to return at 1 month and 4 months after treatment for a (free) CT scan under a brief anesthesia. The program covers the costs of the TACE procedure (approximately a $2,500 value). Clients are financially responsible for tests necessary to obtain a diagnosis (nasal biopsy) and to determine if safe to receive this procedure (CT scan). The CT scan must be done here at UCDavis.  Please contact Dr. Michele Steffey,  530-752-1393.

Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma: We are evaluating involvement of lymph nodes that are located between the primary tumor and the medial iliac nodes. In order to participate, dogs must have a unilateral anal sac tumor; and clients must be willing to have the mass surgically removed at UCDavis. Dogs with severe preexisting renal disease are not eligible to enroll. Accepted clients will receive a free CT scan ($750 value) and a partial subsidy of the surgical fees.
Contact Dr. Michele Steffey to discuss, (530) 752-1393.

Lung Tumors: We are evaluating imaging of hilar lymph nodes in dogs with primary lung tumors. To participate, dogs must have a solitary lung tumor that clients are willing to have surgically removed at UCDavis. Dogs with preexisting severe renal disease are not eligible to enroll. Clients will receive a free CT scan (which is needed for clinical surgical planning and staging regardless of study participation - $750 value). If the patient is eligible for a minimally invasive (thoracoscopic) tumor removal, an additional financial subsidy will be applied toward the cost of the patient's VMTH care.
Contact Dr. Michele Steffey to discuss, (530) 752-1393.

Colorectal Cancer: We are evaluating the impact of imaging findings on surgical decision making in dogs with colonic and rectal masses. In order to participate, dogs must have an endoscopy procedure here at UCDavis for a suspected colorectal mass lesion or lesions. Clients will receive a free CT scan and a financial subsidy toward the cost of their dog's care at the VMTH. Please contact Dr. Michele Steffey to discuss,  (530) 752-1393.
Urethral Cancer: We are evaluating a radiation protocol in patients with urethral tumors. Clients must be willing to return one month after treatment for a (free) CT scan under general anesthesia. Radiation therapy is highly subsidized, but clients must be willing to contribute financially toward the cost of RT.  Please contact Dr. Michele Steffey to discuss, (530) 752-1393. 

Michele Steffey, DVM, DACVS, is a member of the (soft tissue) Small Animal Surgery Service in the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Her areas of interest include oncology, minimally invasive surgery, interventional radiology and microsurgery. Dr. Steffey is a founding veterinarian of the Tails of Hope foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding in the fight against cancer in veterinary patients. She is active in a number of clinical and translational research projects and has authored numerous scientific publications and chapters in veterinary textbooks.