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Congratulations: Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award

June 15, 2012

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Steve R. Hollingsworth has been described as a member of the "vanguard" of clinical teaching at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

June 15, 2012

Commencement season is all about graduates, but it is also an ideal time for faculty members to recognize peers who have made remarkable contributions to veterinary education and the school community.

Steve R. Hollingsworth, DVM, DACVO, has received the School of Veterinary Medicine's Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award "for his tremendous success in providing the highest standard of veterinary education at UC Davis."

The Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award acknowledges a faculty member who distinguishes himself or herself through the design, content quality, and delivery of knowledge. The award is based on a portfolio of class syllabi, student evaluations and recommendations from colleagues.

Hollingsworth, an associate professor of clinical ophthalmology, is a 1980 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1992, he completed a residency in veterinary ophthalmology at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and subsequently joined the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences.

Hollingsworth’s role incorporates teaching at all professional levels. He has consistently delivered excellent veterinary student teaching, resident training in ophthalmology, and continuing education for veterinarians.

Hollingsworth has earned a reputation as a gifted and natural teacher in lecture hall, laboratory, clinical exam room and rounds. Evaluations from students in the DVM degree program and residents are consistently glowing, says colleague David Maggs. “Steve’s ability to discern what the learner needs and to find a way in which the learner best grasps that knowledge is second to none.” 

In addition to his one-on-one mentoring, Hollingsworth has been a leader in curriculum development and technology. Among his teaching materials are instructional videos of surgical procedures and eye examinations that students refer to again and again. He has provided peers and residents with counsel and leadership-by-example as an active member of multiple curricular review committees and service as “block chief” in the new curriculum.

Finally, Hollingsworth has provided extraordinary teaching leadership in the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. He has been entrusted as chair of the ACVO Examination Committee and hosted the examination twice at UC Davis. Maggs states that his colleague “introduced revolutionary pedagogical changes” while developing and organizing all aspects of the examination, particularly the practical component. He also instituted a computerized version of the written test that makes it more convenient for examinees to take the exam closer to home.

Dean Michael Lairmore announced the 2011 award at the Spring Faculty Reception June 14.