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Summer School for Teaching: Investing in our Future Leaders

June 19, 2012

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Michael D. Lairmore, Dean

To our veterinary school community:

We all agree that one of our strategic goals (Goal 6) is to recruit, retain and cultivate an excellent faculty. An important way to achieve our goals is to invest in our current faculty members by sending them to education and leadership conferences.  Through these experiences they will further develop their ability to lead program initiatives, promote multi-disciplinary interactions and meet the distinctive learning needs of veterinary students. In the summer of 2012, several faculty members are attending programs about leadership, educational methodologies, outcomes assessment and more.

Pharmacology Workshop
At the Pharmacology Workshop in Texas in June 2012, Heather Knych (VMB), Pamela Lein (VMB) and Bruno Pypendop (VSR) are set to learn about the role of pharmacology in the curriculum, development of pharmacology competencies, and measuring the success of new learning experiences.

AAVMC Leadership Program
Sean Owens (PMI) represents the school in the AAVMC Leadership Program, a pilot program to cultivate new leaders for academic veterinary medicine. Three two-day meetings take place over the next 12 months. These sessions begin in June 2012 at Michigan State University with media training, communications training and education, and cultural competence. Other topics will follow, e.g., leading change, selling your agenda inside and outside the organization, advocacy and strategic thinking. 

AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience
Early in June 2012, Linda Barter (VSR) went to Washington State University for the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience, where presentations for faculty and students reinforced concepts of servant-leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication. Barter was accompanied by students Greg Bishop, Colleen Geibush and Mike Ramos.

Veterinary Educator Collaborative Symposium
“VECS,” held in Colorado, enhances the teaching techniques of both young and experienced faculty. From UC Davis, Michele Steffey (VSR), Julie Meadows (VME), Jim Clark (PHR), Elizabeth Montgomery (VSR), Michelle Hawkins (VME) and Lisa Miller (APC) are attending in July 2012. The symposium contains demonstrations of virtual anatomy lessons and surgery simulation. Sessions also touch upon teaching large groups, clinical skills training, and designing methods to deliver instruction. Jan Ilkiw (VSR), associate dean for curriculum, is a guest speaker.
Steven Epstein (VSR), Jan Ilkiw and John Madigan (VME) travel to the University of Calgary in August 2012 for a three-day meeting dedicated to “making the most of veterinary clinical skills and simulation.” The meeting will focus on veterinary clinical skills teaching and assessment as well as the use of computer-based, simulated clients and technical skills training instruments.
These investments in our faculty will I’m sure pay forward many dividends for the School including bringing new ideas and knowledge to apply in the classrooms, laboratories and clinics. Not only are we supporting our faculty. We’re also providing foundations to help us achieve another strategic goal: to educate world leaders in veterinary medicine.

Michael D. Lairmore