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Dr. Lehenbauer appointed as director of Center for Food Animal Health

September 26, 2012

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Dr. Terry Lehenbauer

Dr. Terry Lehenbauer joined the Center for Food Animal Health (CFAH) as director as of September 1, 2012.  He also serves as Director of the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center in Tulare.

In this position, Dr. Lehenbauer will develop a strategic vision and plan for the CFAH that is aligned to the SVM Strategic Plan and overarching objectives of the CFAH.  As CFAH Director he will:

•    Assist the administration and faculty in securing resources within the School for conducting research on: animal diseases important to our livestock industries; sustaining the integrity of the production environment and surrounding ecosystem; important food-borne and vector-borne disease problems; and zoonoses associated with diseases of livestock critical to the State of California. 
•    Foster, with the Office of Development, a plan to build resources through gifts and endowments from donors or groups and appropriate foundations.
•    Manage the CFAH as an integral part of the School for the purpose of establishing closer collaborative research efforts between Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) and Cooperative Extension (CE) faculty and related University of California programs. 
•    Identify and support faculty interested in livestock disease research of importance to California’s agricultural economy, its ecosystems and human health.
•    Appoint Commodity/Industry Advisory and Scientific Advisory committees as appropriate for governance and to improve mission effectiveness of the CFAH.
•    Identify, in cooperation with the Executive Associate Dean, the annual percentage of AES appointments assigned to individual faculty members which are tied to specified USDA and ANR/ Hatch or Multi-State Projects.

Congratulations Dr. Lehenbauer!