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Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

October 30, 2012

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Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time for the whole family – the costumes, the treats, the trick-or-treaters. It all makes for a wonderful evening for kids and adults alike. Let’s not forget the furry members of our families, though. From the scary outfits to the hazardous treats, Halloween can sometimes be a bit of a frightening night for our pets.

“The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine would like to remind everyone of the dangers our pets face on Halloween,” states Dr. Julie Meadows, Assistant Clinical Professor and Chief of the Community Practice Service. “While candy and mischievous events are fun for us, they can be harmful and traumatic for dogs and cats.”

The Community Practice Service suggests keeping a few things in mind this Halloween to make sure your pets have a safe night:

  • Take your dog for a long walk on the afternoon of Halloween, before the trick-or-treaters hit the streets. You’ll accomplish two great things:
    • They won’t be exposed to the scary things that Halloween night brings.
    • They will be tired that evening and not too concerned about all the commotion at your door.
  • Most pets don’t like to be dressed up in costumes and some may be dangerous to them. It’s best to leave them at home during trick-or-treating.
  • Keep your pets in a separate room away from the front door during the few hours of trick-or-treaters visiting. This will ease your concerns of keeping them from running out every time you open the door.
  • Take care in where you place candles and jack-o-lanterns. Keep them out of your pet’s reach.
  • If you want to give them treats, only give them recommended pet treats. Candy, especially chocolate, can be extremely dangerous to their digestive systems.

“Following these simple guidelines can lead to a much happier Halloween for your pets,” continues Dr. Meadows. “Remember, we always want what’s best for them.”

The UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Community Practice Service can be reached at (530) 752-9811.