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Jandrey to Direct Continuing Education

January 23, 2013

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Dr. Karl Jandrey, new Director for Veterinary Medical Continuing Education

Welcome – Director for Veterinary Medical Continuing Education

Dr. Karl Jandrey has been appointed as Director for Veterinary Medical Continuing Education effective February 1. This position, previously held by Dr. Don Klingborg who provided outstanding service in this role, was re-instated at the request of the Faculty Executive Committee.  

Dr. Jandrey, a member of our faculty since 2007, will be responsible for working with faculty to develop and coordinate continuing education programs that promote the School and the University’s image throughout California, nationally, and internationally. These programs will be designed to meet the needs of veterinarians in California, and throughout the Western United States, and to showcase our faculty and School. Another important responsibility will be developing and testing the effectiveness of continuing education using distance methodologies and initiating a research program in continuing professional education methodology such as needs assessment, learning objectives, marketing, and evaluation to promote more effective lifelong learning systems. Dr. Jandrey will also examine the relationships of student club events to the goals of Continuing Education for the school and seek ways to enhance the educational experiences of student clubs.