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A Look at the Future of Medicine

November 6, 2015

A Look at the Future of Medicine

A Look at the Future of Medicine

Visitors attending an open house hosted by the school’s new Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures this week caught a glimpse into the future of medicine—for animals and people.

Regenerative medicine, which includes stem cell therapy, is a pioneering field of both veterinary and human medicine. It focuses on the delivery of specific cells and cell products to restore tissue and organs damaged by disease or injury. In recent years, UC Davis has become a national leader for veterinary regenerative medicine.

In her welcome, Director Dori Borjesson thanked the donors whose visionary philanthropy helped create a research environment that fosters collaboration while improving lives. In particular, she credited Dick and Carolyn Randall for their ongoing support as well as donors to the Center for Equine Health.

Recent research developments, many resulting from partnerships between the School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Engineering and School of Medicine, include repair of damaged joints and bones, therapies for spinal cord injuries, and imaging technologies to monitor stem cells.

Many of these novel developments in treating diseases, alleviating pain and healing injuries with stem cells and related therapies were highlighted during the open house on Nov. 4, with researchers at several booths, discussing various kinds of regenerative-medicine projects underway at the school.

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