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German Delegation Visits UC Davis to Discuss GMOs and Antibiotics in U.S. Food Supply

December 8, 2015

The school’s Director of the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center Dr. Terry Lehenbauer, along with Department of Animal Science Research Biologist Dr. Elizabeth Maga, met recently with a delegation from Germany participating in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. The purpose of the visit to UC Davis was to gain insight into the perspective of campus experts concerning GMOs relating to animals, and the use of antibiotics in animals in the United States.
Lehenbauer provided information on the school’s preventive health programs for cattle, and ongoing changes taking place in the U.S. and California for improving veterinary oversight and judicious use of medically-important antimicrobials in food-producing animals, such as new FDA regulations, the veterinary feed directive and passage of the state’s Senate Bill 27.
Members of the delegation included Dr. Christof Altmann, Economic Policy Director and Public Relations Manager, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Halle-Dessau; Tobias Andres, Director,  Brussels office, Federation of German Food and Drink Industries; and Alexander Muehlauer, EU correspondent with Suddeutsche Zeitung.