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Hundreds Run to Benefit Wounded K9 Officers

September 8, 2016

Runners start the 2016 Labor Day Doggy Dash 5K.

Runners start the 2016 Labor Day Doggy Dash 5K.

With more than 500 runners participating, the Labor Day Races were a huge success once again this year. Included in the four races held at Davis’ Central Park was a Doggy Dash 5K sponsored by the UC Davis veterinary hospital. Proceeds from the race benefited the Faithful Partner Fund which pays for medical treatment of K9 officers, as well as search and rescue dogs, injured in the line of duty.

Dr. Michael Lairmore, dean of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, ran the 5K along with his wife Donna. Together, they pledged to donate $5 to the fund for every runner who beat them. After 109 runners finished ahead of them, the Lairmores made good on their pledge and generously donated $545 to the fund.

Also present at the race was retired Woodland Police Department K9 Officer Peydro and his handler Officer Juan Barerra, joined by other Woodland PD officers and K9s, as well as UC Davis PD K9 Officer Charlie along with his handler Officer Vincent Kwong. The officers showcased their K9s’ abilities with a demonstration of their skills as working dogs – which drew quite a crowd in the park.

Peydro recently benefited from the Faithful Partner Fund after he was hit by a car while pursuing a suspect. He was immediately transported to the UC Davis veterinary hospital where the 24/7 Emergency and Critical Care Service, the Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service, and the Diagnostic Imaging Service worked together to stabilize him and determine the extent of his injuries. He sustained fractured vertebrae (which required a four-hour surgery with the Neurology/Neurosurgery Service) and damage to his teeth and snout (which later required surgery with the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service).

After a remarkable recovery, Peydro was released from the hospital just nine days after his accident. Following extensive rehabilitation with the hospital’s Integrative Medicine Service, he seems back to his old self, and it’s hard to imagine that just three months ago he was nearly paralyzed.

“I’m thrilled that UC Davis was able to save my partner,” said Barrera. “It means so much to me and my family that he is still with us, and that his recovery is going so well.”

Mark your calendars for Labor Day 2017, as UC Davis will continue its sponsorship of the Doggy Dash 5K in Davis’ Central Park. It’s a great event for the entire family, and a great way for serious and recreational runners alike (and don’t forget the dogs) to raise money and awareness for the animals that help protect our communities.