Drs. Kirsten Gilardi and Michael Ziccardi are Co-Directors of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center. They develop and refine the programs of the WHC and serve as advocates for its faculty and staff within the One Health Institute

Administrative Staff

Matt Blake: Chief Operations Officer

Lavonne Hull: Business Services Officer

Katie Leasure, Lori Faherty, Pamela Roualdes: Support to teaching activities, development and general administration of the Center's programs

Justin Cox: Content Marketing Manager

Eunah Cho: Marketing & Development Coordinator

Program Personnel

PREDICT (Wildlife Health Components) - Principal Investigator is Jonna Mazet. The team includes Tracey Goldstein, Chris Johnson, Terra Kelly, Woutrina Smith, Joe Silva, Brett Smith, Kate Thomas, Liz Vanwormer, Elizabeth Leasure and David Wolking as UC Davis personnel.

Gorilla Doctors - Directed by Kirsten Gilardi and Michael Cranfield.

Oiled Wildlife Care Network - Team includes Director Michael Ziccardi, Deputy Director of Animal Care Operations Curt Clumpner, Deputy Director of Field Operations Kyra Mills-Parker, Field Veterinarian Nancy Anderson, Acting Facility Veterinarian Greg Frankfurter, Wildlife Care Specialist Stephanie Herman, Wildlife Field Specialist Scott Buhl, Facility Coordinator Tim Williamson, and Administrative Coordinators Lavonne Hull and Pam Roualdes. 

SeaDoc Society - Directed by Kirsten Gilardi with Joe Gaydos. Administration is led by Jean Lyle. Based in Washington State. Gary Greene works with SeaDoc as a marine geologist. The Lost Fishing Gear Project is also run by Kirsten Gilardi with Jen Renzullo.

Marine Mammal Health/One Health Institute Laboratory - Run by Tracey Goldstein and her team. 

Latin America Program - Run by Marcela Uhart and her collaborators. 

Southern California Mountain Lion and Bobcat Project - Led by Walter Boyce and Winston Vickers.

Zoological Medicine - Led by Dr. Ray Wack, the program provides veterinary services to the Sacramento Zoo, with training of veterinary students and zoological medicine residents. 


Blake, Matt (530) 754-9032;

Boyce, Walter

Brosnan, Deborah

Bunn, David (530) 752-3122;

Cho, Eunah (530) 752-0878;

Clifford, Deana

Clumpner, Curt (530) 752-3122

Cox, Justin (530) 219-5227;

Cranfield, Mike (410) 917-7666;

Dhanota, Jasjeet (530) 754-7953;

Doyle, Megan

Faherty, Lori (530) 752-4167;

Frankfurter, Greg (530) 752-1129;

Gabourie, Taylor (530) 752-1972;

Gaydos, Joe (360) 376-3910;

Gilardi, Kirsten (530) 752-4896;

Goldstein, Tracey (530) 754-7953;

Herman, Stephanie (530) 752-5035

Hull, Lavonne (530) 752-3854;

Jessup, Dave;

Johnson, Christine (530) 752-1238;

Kelly, Terra (530) 574-5093;

Leasure, Katie (530) 752-7526;

Leasure, Elizabeth (530) 754-9034;

Lyle, Jean (360) 376-3910

Mazet, Jonna (530) 754-9035;

Parker, Kyra (530) 752-5797;

Renzullo, Jennifer

Rogers-Bennett, Laura

Roualdes, Pam (530) 752-4167

Smith, Brett

Smith, Woutrina (530) 754-0119;

Tremeau-Bravard, Alexandre (530)754-7953;

Uhart, Marcela;

Vickers, Winston (949) 929-8643;

Wack, Ray (916) 808-8808;

Williamson, Tim (530) 979-7630

Wolking, David

Ziccardi, Mike (530) 754-5701;