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Course Module Outlines

Module 1: Overview

  • Course Introduction
  • Avian Flu Viruses
  • History of H5N1 HPAI
  • HPAI Transmission
  • Risk of H5N1 HPAI to Humans
  • Impacts of H5N1 HPAI
  • Surveillance, Testing, and Reporting
  • Coordination and Management
  • Communications Planning

Module 2: Surveillance

  • H5N1 HPAI Surveillance
  • Sample size calculation
  • Surveillance in poultry and captive populations
  • Surveillance in wild birds

Module 3: Public Health and Worker Safety

  • General public education and protection
  • Poultry farm worker protection
  • Backyard/smallholder owner protection
  • Live-bird wet market worker protection
  • Medical worker protection and patient protocol
  • Public health team protection
  • First responder protection

Module 4: Prevention and Response

  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Scenarios
    • Smallholder Poultry Operations
    • Wet (Live Bird) Markets
    • Commercial Poultry Facilities
    • Zoological and Aviary Collections
    • Wildlife
  • Biosecurity Planning
  • Response Plans

Practical Session

  • Packaging and shipping of a diagnostic sample
  • Donning and doffing PPE
  • Cloacal and oral cavity swabbing for samples (1 person, 2 person)
  • Vaccinating a chicken
  • Bleeding a chicken
  • Safe slaughter and cleaning a chicken

To order any course materials, please contact David Bunn,


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