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West Nile Virus

Potential Effects of West Nile Virus on California Wildlife

Press release, June 29, 2004

West Nile virus could pose a serious threat to some species, especially rare and endangered birds, in California. The Wildlife Health Center has produced a report that outlines geographic areas and species at risk.

Please download the report here (pdf, 5.6 MB; a version without images is available here, 136K). A high-resolution map of showing WNV risk in California can be found here (1.5 MB).

To report a dead bird, please call 877-WNV-BIRD (877-968-2473)

There are a number of excellent sites dealing comprehensively with West Nile Virus:

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California birds affected by WNV

The following are the bird species that were positive for WNV in California as of mid-August 2004 (Vector-Borne Disease Section California Departmen tof Health Services). A new batch of birds were reported positive on August 19 which included the following new species: Bank Swallow, Black-shouldered Kite, California Quail, Common Nighthawk, Domestic Goose, Evening Grosbeak, Rock Dove, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Song Sparrow, and Western Screech-Owl. The numbers will be updated on Monday, August 23.
Testing has now begun on tree squirrels too (a few from Southern California have tested positive for WNV).
SPECIES (29 total, 7 new)

  • Acorn Woodpecker 1
  • American Coot 1
  • American Crow 1182
  • American Goldfinch 1
  • American Kestrel 2
  • American Robin 2
  • Barn Owl 6
  • Barn Swallow 1
  • Black Phoebe 2
  • Black-headed Gosbeak 1
  • Brewer's Blackbird 3
  • California Gull 1
  • California Towhee 1
  • Common Raven 19
  • Cooper's Hawk 7
  • Great-horned Owl 1
  • House Finch 7
  • House Sparrow 7
  • Mallard Duck 3
  • Mourning Dove 1
  • Northern Goshawk 1
  • Northern Mockingbird 8
  • Red-shouldered Hawk 2
  • Red-tailed Hawk 3
  • Rufous Hummingbird 1
  • Steller's Jay 6
  • Western Tanager 1
  • Western-scrub Jay 110
  • Yellow-billed Magpie 66