Dr. Jonna Mazet

Mazet works with California Department of Fish and Game sea otter biologists Jack Ames and Mike Harris, as well as Morgan, a sea otter who was rescued when he was a pup, couldn’t adjust to the wild, and now lives at CDFG’s Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center in Santa Cruz.

As director of the Wildlife Health Center, Jonna Mazet focuses on balancing the needs of people, wildlife and the environment, skills she has honed with the help of her husband in tending to the needs of their two daughters. She specializes in infectious diseases and toxins in ecosystems, wildlife epidemiology, marine mammal health, and the use of key species as biomarkers of environmental health. She set up the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, coordinating 27 rescue and rehabilitation centers that care for birds and mammals after oil spills. Among a multitude of research projects associated with that network, she once found herself clinging to the back of an ATV while she tossed French fries into the air in an effort to capture and tag gulls.

Associate Professor of Clinical Wildlife Medicine
Director, Wildlife Health Center
University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine
Davis, California  95616

UC Davis Wildlife Health Center


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