Integration of Work and Life

Integration of Work and Life

Maintaining a balance between multiple work-related demands on time with personal responsibilities is a significant challenge for both faculty and staff in academic institutions.  An initial effort for the SVM strategic goal 6.2 will be to develop a SVM work life balance web site.  This web site will provide quick links to UCOP and UCD web sites allowing SVM employees to rapidly access information on childcare services, eldercare, leave policies and other ways to better integrate work with personal life.  Additional links to external sites from other universities with unique resources will also be provided in an easy to navigate format.  

Some of the topics that this website will highlight include: 

  • Child/Elder Care
  • Lactation Resources
  • Family/Personal Leave
  • Dual Career Assistance
  • Flexible Work Options
  • Community Resources and Support
  • Employee Discounts

While this new web site is under construction, SVM employees can locate UCD resources through the following links:

Faculty Information

Staff Information

UC Davis WorkLife

Resources from other campuses can be located through the following University of California link: