Drs. Ken and Gaby Levine

“I believe that the outstanding education that I received at Davis made me want to continue to learn during my years as a practitioner. Continuing my education at conferences and workshops was part of our annual benefits at our practice. But it is possible that I even learned more from the many new graduates of UC Davis that became part of our practice.”~ Dr. Ken Levine 

“My education at UC Davis has been the foundation of a very happy and fulfilling life. “~Dr. Gaby Levine

Drs. Ken and Gaby Levine have been animal lovers all their lives and chose to pursue a career in veterinary medicine during their formative years. Gaby was inspired to become a veterinarian after many visits with a local veterinarian to care for the exotics from her father’s business. Ken said, “I chose Davis for my pre-vet because it was where the Veterinary School was located and I was told that doing my pre-vet at Davis would give me the opportunity to work with farm animals. My understanding was that as a city boy, I needed that if I wanted to have any chance to be accepted into Veterinary School. I never even considered going to another Veterinary School.”

The Levine’s met while in veterinary school and married at the end of their second year. Shortly after graduation, they moved to Grover City, CA and purchased a small practice. Not long after that, they built a new hospital in the farm town of Arroyo Grande. Over the years the practice grew so they added staff, veterinarians and square footage. As the practice grew, so did they’re family. They have three daughters, two of whom attended UC Davis as undergraduates. Ken and Gaby retired after 33 years of practice and remain active in the community and with the school. As Ken put it, “What is fun is that now 15 years after retirement we still see old clients who want to reminisce about their pets.”

Drs. Ken and Gaby Levine are glad they chose veterinary medicine as their profession and more specifically UC Davis. Gaby said, “My years in veterinary school were not only educational, they were a lot of fun. Possibly due to the talents of the admissions committee, our class turned out to be remarkably compatible.  Many of our classmates are still our best friends.” They are both avid gardeners and enjoy traveling.