Clinical Trial - Amino Acid Concentrations in the Urine of Healthy Dogs

Participation Requirements: Healthy dogs consuming dry, canned or commercial raw diets or home-prepared diets

Initial Evaluation for Participation: Before your pet begins the study, you will need to complete the Feeding History Form asking about your pet and what they currently eat at home to find out if he/she qualifies to be in the study.

Procedures: You will need to complete the Feeding History From about your dog and what your dog is currently eating at home, sign the client consent form, collect a small amount of urine (a minimal amount of 15 ml or 1 TB) in a clean cup we provide, and submit 2-3 photographs of the diet you are currently feeding your dog.

Owner Responsibilities: If you wish to have your pet participate in this study, you will be responsible for completing the Feeding History Form to the best of your ability. Please sign the client consent form and collect 1 TB of urine (or more) into a clean cup. Please take 2-3 photographs of your pet’s food (front of the bag or can, guaranteed analysis and ingredient list, and lot number). Submit those to the study investigators. Links to all the forms you need are below, as well as examples of the photographs we are requesting.

Benefits: There is no cost to you to participate in this trial.

Results from this study may contribute to the development of a reference range for urinary amino acids in canine urine that will be used as part of a larger study to understand the severity and duration of urinary amino acid loss in dogs that develop acquired Fanconi syndrome.

How do I begin?

  1. If you are currently at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for an appointment, please ask your veterinarian if they can collect your dog’s urine, or they can contact one of the veterinarian’s listed below to assist with urine collection and completion of the forms.
  2. If you are collecting your dog’s urine in the morning prior to coming into the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, place the urine in a clean container, place it in your refrigerator (for no longer than 24 hours), and bring it with you to your appointment. Let your veterinarian know you would like to participate in the study and they can contact one of the investigators to come over to get the sample and assist you with the forms.

Contact: Dr. Andrea Fascetti ( or Dr. Jennifer Larsen (


Client Consent Form: (Download pdf)

Feeding History Form:(Download pdf) (for best results use Adobe Acrobat)

Examples of the diet photos we are requesting are below:

Front of can/bag:

Front of can/bag

Back of can/bag:

Back of can/bag

Lot number/expirationfrom can/bag:

Lot number/expirationfrom can/bag