Executive Office

The Executive Unit consists of the Dean and his team. The Dean acts as the chief academic and administrative officer for the School. His responsibilities encompass the leadership of the School, the management of resources, the development of new programs and academic policies, the fostering of academic excellence among faculty and students, and the promotion of the School through public relations, marketing and development activities.

The Dean also serves as a liaison between school personnel and the community, the university, the veterinary profession, the State Legislature, the related health and agriculture agencies, and animal industries on state, national and international levels.


Michael D. LairmoreMichael D. Lairmore


Leadership and oversight of all School of Veterinary Medicine activities, strategic planning, major initiatives, management of personnel, facilities and funding resources, and promotion of the school through public relations, outreach and development activities



John R. PascoeJohn R. Pascoe

Executive Associate Dean

Shares leadership responsibility for development and stewardship of school resources and programs, oversees new initiatives, academic personnel and facilities planning, promotes external relations, communications and outreach activities.



Patricia A. ConradPatricia A. Conrad

Associate Dean of Global Programs

Leads efforts to promote, facilitate and support global research, education and service programs that advance the health of animals, people and the environment

Global Programs


Jan E. IlkiwJan E. Ilkiw

Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Leads the unit that provides administration and support to the students, faculty and staff in the development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) curriculum, and oversees teaching facilities and staff and curricular computer support applications.

Academic Programs


Karl JandreyKarl Jandrey

Associate Dean for Student Programs

Leads the development of innovative programs that support multicultural education, diversity, equitable admissions practices, student scholarships and financial aid, mental health and wellness programs, and veterinary student leadership and career development.

Student Programs


Mary M. McNallyMary M. McNally

Executive Assistant Dean, Administration

Schoolwide responsibility for finances and funding strategies, budgets for large capital projects, facility renovations and space assignments, oversees school information technology, safety and administrative processes throughout the school, and staff personnel resources/policies.



Isaac N. PessahIsaac N. Pessah

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Leadership to enhance the school’s research portfolio through extramural funding opportunities, maintain shared equipment resource inventory, promote training of future veterinary scientists, oversee contracts and grant administration within the school, and oversight for graduate groups managed by the school.

Research and Graduate Education


Hyemi SeveningHyemi Sevening

Assistant Dean of Advancement

Leads the philanthropic efforts for the school, oversees donor cultivation and stewardship activities, strategically plans capital and programmatic advancement campaigns in support of the school’s major goals and initiatives.

Office of Development


Jane E. SykesJane E. Sykes

Chief Veterinary Medical Officer of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH)
Associate Dean of Veterinary Medical Center Operations

Responsible for the management and fiscal integrity of the VMTH, ensuring the academic quality of the clinical learning environment for DVM students and house officers, overseeing the quality and excellence of clinical patient care, and the operational efficiency of all academic and clinical service activities.

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital