SVM Departmental Graduate Courses

SVM Departmental Graduate Courses

Please contact Eileen English for questions regarding scheduling one of these courses. 
Download and Complete the Curricular Support Request form (pdf), and send to Eileen English for scheduling assistance.

APC 286 Basics of Microscopy and Cellular Imaging

APC 290 Seminar

APC 290-007 Veterinary Orthopedic Laboratory Seminar

APC 291 Topics in Biology of Respiratory System

APC 298 Group Study

APC 299 Research

VME 201 Emerging Issues at the Interface of Ecosystem, Animal and Human Health

VME 217 Evaluation and Application of Diagnostic Tests – Currently under revision

VME 225 Retroviral Pathogenesis Seminar/Journal Club

VME 258 Infectious Disease in Ecology and Conservation

VME 290 Seminar

VME 298 Group Study

VME 299 Research

VMB 234 Current Topics in Neurotoxicology

VMB 253 Metabolism of Toxicants and Drugs

VMB 254 Toxicology of the Respiratory System

VMB 255 Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceuticals

VMB 290 Seminar

VMB 297T Tutoring in Graduate Molecular Biosciences

VMB 298 Group Study

VMB 299 Research

PMI 201 Integrative Pathobiology Core I

PMI 202 Integrative Pathobiology Core II

PMI 203 Experimental Design and Data Analysis in Pathobiology

PMI 214 Vector-borne Infectious Diseases: Changing Patterns

PMI 221 Topics in Virus Research

PMI 270 Advanced Immunology

PMI 290 Seminar

PMI 291A Seminar in Immunology – being replaced by IMM 291

PMI 293A Seminar in Infectious Diseases

PMI 298 Group Study

PMI 299 Research

PHR 202 Sampling in Health-Related Research 

PHR 203 Multivariate Biostatistics

PHR 210 Epidemiological Approaches to Waterborne Zoonotic Pathogens

PHR 212 Epidemiology of the Zoonoses

PHR 241 Advanced Topics in Canine Genetics and Genomics

PHR 242 Ecological Genetics: Applied Genetics for Ecology, Health, and Conservation of Natural Populations

PHR 243 Advanced Topics in Conservation Genetics

PHR 266 Applied Analytic Epidemiology

PHR 277 Mathematical Models in Epidemiology

PHR 290 Seminar

PHR 298 Group Study

PHR 299 Research

VSR 298 Group Study

VSR 299 Research

*This list is provided for reference only, and is not to be considered an all-inclusive list of available graduate courses for the School of Veterinary Medicine and its affiliated graduate groups.

For complete course descriptions and detailed course information, please refer to the official UCD Course Catalog, your graduate group coordinator, or other campus resources.  This list of courses is subject to change.