Avenue V Junior STARs Program

Avenue V Junior STARs Program

Through a collaborative project with the UC Davis STEM Strategies Office, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis Joint Unified School District, and Davis FFA, the Junior STARs Research Mentorship Program will pilot this summer with our own STAR Program.  As part of the pilot, UC Davis STAR students, in partnership with their STAR professors, will mentor aspiring Davis high school students as part of their summer research projects.  Junior STARs are a diverse group of aspiring young animal health professionals.

The primary goal is to connect Junior STARs with university students to gain early and valuable experiences that allow Junior STARs an opportunity to develop and reinforce conceptual understandings about research and scientific practice.  The outreach and effort will help connect students at UC Davis with aspiring young students from backgrounds not traditionally found practicing veterinary medicine.

UC Davis STAR students will play a major role in guiding Junior STARs in three specific ways:

1.     Provide young research hopefuls an opportunity to develop mastery of content learned in preparation for the University.

  1. Help high school students understand scientific research by supporting Junior STARs application of scientific concepts and knowledge in real world settings by including them in the day-to-day investigations that follow empirical models.
  2. Help develop English proficiencies needed in scientific disciplines.  Junior STARs will prepare written and oral presentations of the research conducted by the mentor.
  3. Develop Junior STAR understandings of data collection and statistics through modeled or guided use of probability and statistical used in the research conducted.

2.    Assist Junior STARs in developing the habits, attitudes, and mind-sets needed for success in the university research setting.

  1. Apply appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge.
  2. Communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason.
  3. Act as a responsible student researcher in the University Setting.
  4. Work productively in teams while integrating cultural and global competence.

3.     Inspire students to achieve their dream and reach higher levels of educational excellence.

  1. Provide students the inspiration needed to overcome challenges.
  2. Provide a challenging opportunity that makes it real and doable as part of the student's reality.
  3. Share tips and advice that help you navigate the educational system.

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