YEAR Award Conditions

Students who accept an invitation to participate in the YEAR Program must agree to comply with the following conditions:

  • Participate in the YEAR program for one complete 12 month continuous period beginning in June;
  • Fully participate and attend all YEAR program related activities (e.g., Laboratory Practices Orientation, attendance at courses on responsible conduct of research, animal welfare, etc.);
  • Attend all scheduled seminars, lectures, and presentations targeted for YEAR program students;
  • Present a research progress report, highlighting the research experience or project findings, during the Laboratory Practices Orientation at the conclusion of the YEAR program term;
  • Provide a written summary at the conclusion of the YEAR program term, but no later than October 1;
  • Participate in an exit interview with the Oversight Committee and follow-up with the faculty mentor to assess how and if the YEAR program is achieving its goals of encouraging veterinary students to choose a research career and pursue advanced scientific training, and
  • Acknowledge NIH T32 YEAR program funding support in any publications resulting from research activities.