Your Partnership

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of philanthropy in shaping our veterinary school into the world leader we are today. Friends and donors have been an integral part of our history.

Now, as we face another historic point in time, your partnership is crucial to shaping the future of veterinary medicine through the construction of this transformational facility: the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center.

Your partnership will help create a new center of innovation, knowledge and healing that will both transform and unify the hospital complex. The new Veterinary Medical Center will support the highest quality of patient care, replacing outmoded space, providing better client access, improving connectivity between hospital functions, and enhancing the overall quality of the patient, client, student, clinician, and staff experience.

Your partnership will allow us to continue, at the highest caliber, to meet the growing need for animal health care in California and beyond as we teach the next generation of veterinarians in facilities that are designed for today’s technology.

Your partnership will ensure that our faculty and residents can work in an efficient clinical discovery laboratory as they continue to seek improved treatments, invent better diagnostic tests, and develop new disciplines in veterinary medicine.

Your investment in this extraordinary project will ensure that we continue to lead veterinary medicine and address societal needs long into the 21st century. 

All Species Imaging Center (Summary) (pdf)

All Species Imaging Center (Interactive) (pdf)

Equine Performance Center Level 1 (Summary) (pdf)

Equine Performance Center Level 1 (Interactive) (pdf)

Equine Performance Center Level 2 (Summary) (pdf)

Equine Performance Center Level 2 (Interactive) (pdf)

Equine Surgery & Critical Care (Summary) (pdf)

Equine Surgery & Critical Care (Interactive) (pdf)