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UC San Diego Center Aims To Improve Both Human And Animal Health

When it comes to health, humans and animals are closely linked. They share the same environment, and can suffer from the same diseases, too. A new center at UC San Diego seeks to improve the health of both species.

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New Pharmacy Fellowship Program and new Pharmacy Fellow

We would like to announce a new program at the University of California Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego.



With hemodialysis, the Center’s clinicians can treat life-threatening acute kidney failure—as seen with antifreeze poisoning—and manage long-term renal conditions. Kidney dialysis services have been available for dogs and cats since 2002. 


Clinical Nutrition

The WALTHAM UCVMC-SD Clinical Nutrition Pro- gram is comprised of veterinarians who are either Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (see insert) or are training for the specialty.


Clinical Pharmacy

The clinical pharmacy service is committed to providing quality medication services, teaching future pharmacists and veterinarians, and conducting pertinent clinical research.



Veterinary Cardiologists are a small group of specialized veterinarians with interest and expertise entirely dedicated to the heart and vascular diseases, their prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


UC Veterinary Medical Center, San Diego

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Our mission is to discover, apply and disseminate new knowledge to promote animal health and welfare, and to advance the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of animal diseases. In addition we strive to provide high quality veterinary medical care and client services for all.

The University of California Veterinary Medical Center – San Diego (UCVMC-SD) brings specialized clinical services to veterinarians and pet owners living in Southern California. The UCVMC-SD is a center of excellence based on cooperation with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, UC San Diego Health Sciences, and animal institutes of the San Diego region.

The center promotes and enhances animal health through interdisciplinary teaching, research, service and outreach.

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