VMC Equine Performance Center

Transforming the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Inspired by our clients’ devotion to their animals, we push the limits of veterinary medicine to increase knowledge and provide optimal care. Our bold vision, the future UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center Complex, will set the gold standard of care while defining advanced clinical research and education.

Woman holding a sheep with a dog nearby

Imagine comprehensive center for veterinary medicine unlike any in the world.

A Center of Healing

where clients trust that their beloved animals, from parakeets to horses, will be treated with unparalleled expertise and compassion.

A Center of Innovation

where clinicians, scholars and students collaborate in integrated teams to advance the health of animals, people and our environment.

A Center of Discovery

where transformational research breaks new ground in areas from stem cell therapies to food safety.

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We are leading the way, together.

The discoveries we make to advance the care of animals also benefit human health. Many diseases in humans have naturally occurring counterparts in animals and, with a veterinary school, medical school, and strong bioengineering department, UC Davis is in a unique position to effect the rapid transfer of discovery and technology to animals and people. The Veterinary Medical Center Complex will amplify our ability to collaborate and create new solutions for our patients that translate to human care.

Miracles happen every day at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Our vision for the future will enable us to provide the best options of care available and broaden access to helping more animals and their people.