Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine

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Upcoming Programs

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February 20 Livestock Symposium, UC Davis

February 20-21 Winter Conference, UC Davis

March 16-19 IRIS Renal Week, UC Davis

April 9-10 Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium, UC Davis

May 21-22 Beginning Practical Ultrasound, UC Davis

June 4-5 Biomedicine Symposium, UC Davis

July 23-24 Back to School Seminar, UC Davis

September 24-25 Fall Festival, UC Davis

October 23-27 Explorer Series, Milan ITALY

November 6 Feline Forum, UC Davis


January 7-8 Winter Conference, UC Davis

January 27-29 MATS: Clinical Cardiology, San Diego, CA

January 28 Heumphreus Memorial Lecture, UC Davis

Ongoing Programs

Anytime Online Free One Hour Behavior Seminar

September 2014 - 2016 Hemodialysis Academy, online

Don Low Fellowship

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