75 years of exceptional care and innovation.

Celebrating 75 Years

75th Anniversary Gala ice sculpture


75th Anniversary Gala

with Special Guest and emcee Brian Boitano

Sat, June 29, 2024 
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium  


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A Legacy of Exceptional Care and Innovation

Throughout history, animals have been on our farms, in our homes and at our jobs. They have contributed to our health, well-being and survival. Those companions have always asked for far less in return than we’ve often given them.

Three-quarters of a century ago, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine faculty and staff set out to provide first-class animal care and prepare top-tier veterinary medicine students for careers and service. In doing so, we’ve saved and improved animal lives — from voles to elephants — around the world.

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Message from Dean Mark Stetter

Message from Dean Mark Stetter

Thank you for being part of the UC Davis veterinary medicine community as we celebrate 75 years of exceptional care, education and innovation!

Originally founded to meet the needs of livestock owners in California, the school has grown to become a game-changing veterinary medical center ranked #1 among the nation’s veterinary schools. It has pioneered innovation in all veterinary hospitals and educational programs. In fact, we have the largest and most diverse residency training program worldwide, as well as the world’s largest veterinary research program.

Our hospital sees more than 50,000 patients annually and offers cutting-edge expertise in more than 35 specialties. Even if the animals in your life don’t visit us at UC Davis, it is likely that your local veterinarians have received their training here. We’re proud of our doctors of veterinary medicine graduates who now total more than 7,000 across the world!

In partnership with UC Davis Health, the veterinary school makes a difference in the lives of humans too. Our researchers collaborate on scientific breakthroughs in areas such as cancer, spina bifida, ophthalmology, regenerative medicine, and advanced imaging.

We look forward to celebrating this year with you and look forward to many more.

—  Dean Mark Stetter


 Honoring Our Past

Animal Success Stories from the Past 75 Years

Animal Success Stories from the Past 75 Years

Over the years, many of UC Davis veterinary hospital’s patients have been featured in national and international news coverage. Their success stories were made possible by the dedicated teams of clinicians, staff and students who provide compassionate care on a daily basis. Here are several of those stories.

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Dr. John D. Wheat (left) delivers medicine to a Guernsey bull through a stomach tube in 1950 with the help of Dr. Hugh S. Cameron. (Historical image courtesy of University Archives, University of California)
Veterinary students and a resident work with one of the blood donor cows at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine.

Since the school opened in 1948, women have gone from being a minority in the profession to becoming experts and leaders. Here, DVM students examine a cow as part of their curriculum in livestock medicine.

Top Clinical & Research Accomplishments Over 75 Years

Since 1948, the school’s faculty, staff, and students have made significant breakthroughs in research studies and clinical applications—from vaccine development for devastating livestock diseases to using stem cells in regenerative medicine. Their work has changed the world and laid the groundwork for future veterinarians to expand on their advances. On the 75th anniversary of the school’s opening, we celebrate those achievements by highlighting several key accomplishments.

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 Embracing Our Future



Veterinary Medicine is Changing the World

What if we could do even more? Such as curing cancer in dogs and humans, reducing world hunger or improving health while aging. Let’s do it together. You can help us make these “what ifs” a reality.

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